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India-Center for Culture & Global Studies is the Indian Chapter of the CCGS [www.globalculturz.org] which is connecting six great civilizations on earth viz. Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan & the US.

India Center is now operative under Chairmanship of Prof. Ram Dwivedi, a well-known media & cinema thinker and, a social scientist. He is also research director of ICT, Media & Cinema Projects at our central office in Tokyo.

2602, Kailash Nagar,
New Delhi-110031
E-mail: info@globalculturz.org
M: +91-828-7788-133

Governing Council
1. Prof. Ram Dwivedi (Chairperson)
2. Prof. Sanjay Kumar (Vice-Chairperson)
3. Ms. Ruchi Mahendru (Secretary)
4. Mr. Rohan Dubey (Joint Secretary)
5. Ms. Vipasha (Treasurer)