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This Second issue of Globalculturz

consists scholarly articles from India and abroad. It was a challenging time for all of us and the global community due to corona virus-Covid-19 pandemic. Economies were shaken across the nations. Loss of innocent human lives, worldwide, compelled us to review about our lifestyles, living and the ways of interacting with each other. Despite all this it has been great endeavor to publish original research and creative work in English and Hindi languages. Gradually, the articles in Japanese language too will gain momentum and appear here to complete the linguistic diversity of the Journal. The efficient editorial team deserves sincere thanks to carry out its duty in the time of pandemic. Our peer-reviewers, silently, contributed a lot to bring out this issue in real shape. The editorial team is to grateful towards them.  More fields of academic enquiry will be added in the forthcoming issues.

In this issue

several research papers have been incorporated about disability and cinema. Readers’ feedback were requested upon that to improve and enrich the ideas and to enlighten the contributors. Many of our valuable readers suggested to compile these articles in a separate binding to ease the academic world to obtain a deeper knowledge of this sensitive issue.. The editorial team has taken a good note of this suggestion and very soon take a decision to publish these papers in a digital or ebook form. If deemed fit, other potential contributors will be identified.  Their scholarly papers will be included, edited and published under different book title. 

Creative writings and research pieces on memoirs, gender discourse and literary criticism are also here to widen our understanding of the society, its cultural history and polity.

We are in process of improving the digital delivery of researches published in the Journal. More sharing options will be opened soon for the sake of effective and impactful reach to the readers.

We are trying, We are experimenting. We are moving ahead. Your valuable suggestion and advice are precious to us. Do write to us.

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Sept 07, 2020