Dear Readers, 


The third issue of Globalculturz is bundled now. With this issue the Journal completes its first year of publication and will be compiled as volume one.  


The Editorial Board of the Journal expresses its sincere thanks to the reviewers and contributors for their continuous support, The Board expresses its gratitude towards National Science Library (India) and Advance Science Index (ASI), European Science Evaluation Center (Germany) for their encouragement and recognition. 


This year was a hard time for humans all over the globe due to COVID-19 pandemic. It was difficult for the editorial team to switch-over between off-line and online modes to get work done in the lockdown situations. However, the team made its best efforts to prepare the manuscripts, receiving the reviews and communicating the same to the editorial board. The technical team did a commendable work by uploading the contents as soon as they could do. 


In this issue, varied topics were covered. Researcher presented their work on Cinema Studies, Literary Studies, Media Studies and other domains of knowledge. Creative work, particularly short-stories, are also part of it. A continuous endeavor is done to improve layout, design and presentation of contents. The team is constantly working on all these aspects. 


The first volume was published in a time of distress. Things didn't go as thought. The editorial team too was not able to meet physically which was necessary to take concrete decisions and to hire the experts for designing, proofing etc. There may be some short-comings in this volume. Your suggestions and advices are valuable to us. Continue to communicate with us, we need your positive appraisal and criticisms as well for self-introspection and improvement.  


Your feedback is valuable to us. do mail us at info@globalculturz.org

Date: 15 Jan, 2021